Concept drawing. Vectorworks.
We were still waiting for the graphics in this picture. I seem to not have a photo with the actual graphics.
In the shop. Not even close to being done.
One of my favorite gadgets I ever built. This was used to locate the macro camera for the Fly Cam.
This was the mechanism that controlled the puck ejection. Now, of course, I would do this with an Arduino and a few lines of code.
Time Flies!

This entry is mostly about the technical design.

The point of this exhibit was that visitors could use codons to construct DNA. They had to put the pucks in the right slot to construct the DNA. The problem was that when one visitor was finished, it would be ruined for the next visitor if the pucks were still in place. So I built a gadget to eject the pucks (see video). You may notice that the pucks simply fall into a tray, and it is obvious where the pucks go to the next visitor. Originally, the pucks were going to fall into a bin that would mix them up, but someone decided they wanted to use the under space for storage. As a result, there was no room for the mixing chute.

The display also had tubes that contained fruit flies and we needed someway for the visitor to position a macro camera to view them. Thus the cross slide mechanism.

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer and Fabricator Washington, DC