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Seamore the Humidifier - Organic warm mist humidifier with interchangable blossoms.
Concept development of Seamore
Mechanically powered hand blender - This hand blender is powered by two clock springs much like the motor of a Victrola. The base station has an electric motor to quickly wind up the springs. The idea is to create a more sustainable product by using less electricty while creating a longer life span.
RudeTech Headphones
Maclaren Metro Wheels Development
Concept Development of the Maclaren Metro and Metro Lite
Metro and Metro Lite Maclaren Strollers - The Metro line of strollers was developed for the senior thesis project at Philadelphia University. Maclaren USA, Inc. sponsored our four person group. Maclaren produces a full line of high-end strollers. Thier base market is wealthy residents of Manhattan. We designed these strollers to expand Maclaren's market into the also wealthy suburbs by making it more suitable for use with a car. Some of the many features include multiple storage options, a full-recline seat, a convertible canopy, and a one-handed fold into a suitcase-like package.
Zero Wing - Zero Wing is a purpose built video gaming chair constructed of aluminum flashing.
Vital signs transmitter and monitor - A collaborative student group project between Digital design and Industrial Design. The vital signs transmitter is worn by football players durring practice. The clipboard monitor is used by the trainer to make sure that all the players' vitals are in acceptable ranges. Information from each practice is stored in a database that can be accessed later.
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