Concept 1865

Conspicuous with its wheels of different sizes, the velocipede was the first pedal-powered cycle in history. DING3000 and the chemical company BASF have now rebuilt the 19th century bike as a modern e-bike. But why?
With the "Concept 1865", we are taking a trip back to the year 1865, when BASF was founded. This was also the point in time when Karl Drais' wooden "Dandy horse" was given its first pedals, which launched the bicycle on the road to global success. As a tribute to this era of enthusiasm for technology and invention, DING3000 and BASF have embarked on an unparalleled thought experiment and asked:
How would the first pedal cycle have looked if the pioneers of the bike had had today's advanced materials to work with?

In cooperation with BASF, DING3000 has developed the E-Velocipede "Concept 1865". It is a ready-to-ride prototype with an electric drive and 24 polymer applications, some of which are highly innovative.

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