Flowers from Vienna

DING3000 was invited by the Vienna Tourist Board to design the official souvenir of the city of Vienna. The goal was to design products that draw a picture of the contemporary metropolis and reflect its creative force. FLOWERS FROM VIENNA is our contribution to this closed competition:

A pop-up bouquet of Vienna's prettiest blossoms
What would the city of Vienna be if it were a souvenir? We experience Vienna as a city of culture and cultivation, the place of the proverbial Viennese charm, a city of the grand gesture. So Vienna would probably be the most stylish and courteous gift, the most charming gesture, the most classic and at the same time freshest and liveliest of all presents: a bouquet of flowers!

Or: The postcard as pop-up flower
In love with Vienna? The gift of a single flower comes across as far more personal than a bouquet, making the postcard especially suitable for loving greetings from Vienna.

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