Like I've said, I really didn't hold back when creating this figure. I do wish I was able to go to the craft store and get the right size of crystals for her outfit, but like I said she was made over quarantine and I was only able to use what I had.
This "ice" cape is very long and made of an organza top, and lined with blue chiffon. The snow flake designs are made with glitter. First I painted with glue the design of the snow flakes, then sprinkled glitter on top. To this day there's still glitter from this dress in my sewing machine.
Her mold is very much inspired from the films poster. I hope I captured the likeness enough. the makeup I wanted to be very dark. Almost like a stark difference compared to her pale icy skin. Her hair is also icy, to do that I used a gel mixed with fine glitter. You can also see how dramatic I wanted her look to be, she looks very theatrical.
A close up of the snow crystals I made for her hair.
I actually started this doll with making the head. which its backwards for me, as I usually start off with the body and costume. But at this time, I wasn't sure which Elsa look I was going to go with.
This shows the process of rooting. It takes a while, each strand is individually sewn in, like thread. Her head was very very hard from mixing a new plastisol I bought(which was bought before lockdown therefore I couldn't go back and buy a different brand). So rooting her was not as easy breezy as I was used to.
This is her skirt, un sewn. I recalled making a life size Elsa dress for myself around 2014, using this fabric and same pattern I used for my comic con dress. which ultimately is why I decided on this costume. Because I've made it before.
Here is a random progress photo on this figure. I made two bodies for this project as this was a new body that I made with different proportions. The skirt is sewn together, and I was working on the bodice. Wasn't usual that I already have a head sculpted, rooted, and painted before the costume. But that is because I wasn't sure what look she was going to have.
This bodice is exactly how I made my large costume in 2014. I cut iridescent blue and green organza fabric into tiny squares and glued it onto the bodice. Which gives it an icy look.
This is the cape without the crystals. Here you can see the glittered snow flakes that I hand painted on. I really wish I kept it more like this instead of adding a heavy amount of crystals. But like I've said before, I went crazy with this figure. I really wanted her to sparkle, and I really wanted to go extra on the details.
This is the costume complete, and with her "ice" shoes being worked on.
And again, this is the finished product. I was very happy to have worked on her, as it was a perfect distraction from the pandemic. And it brought me back into figure making. With making her, I made a new body that was improved from my Snow White model who was much more petite which made adding fine details very complicated, more so than it already is. I was very happy that I could keep improving and working on my art work.
Frozen : Elsa, Snow Queen

Snow queen Elsa, I really had no reason to make her, other than I was stuck inside during quarantine and wanted to go crazy and wild. Because of that mixed with the quarantine, I couldn't exactly leave the house to go get anything because shops were closed. I had to use what I had on hand. Which it turns out, I had a lot on hand. This Figure uses a modified body that I made(which is now the body I use in my figure making), which is an inch and a half larger than the Snow White doll. her costume is made from brocades, organza, chiffon, satin, and hundreds of crystals and glitter. I let my imagination go wild with this figure and didn't give myself any restraints. All her accessories I made right down to the snow flakes in her hair. I had a lot of fun making her. I alway liked Elsa in her Snow Queen dress, and I tried to stay true to the original character design.

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