Gypsies Tramps and Thieves : Cher

“Gypsies tramps and thieves” Cher doll. This was a random project that has been living rent free in my head for years. I always wanted to make a Gypsy Cher, but never really found the time. This doll I didn’t sculpt anything so it was a bit easier to do than what I’ve been making recently, it also saves time. But what I did do is make the costume, accessories, recolor her vinyl, paint her, style her hair, and make a stand. The outfit has over 2000 glass beads, and it honestly was a pain to do lol. Her costume has multicolored crystals that also are on the jewelry. Because the gown is mainly beads and crystals it’s very heavy and weighted. With the costume I got heavy inspiration from Bob Mackie, as he designed something similar for Cher in the 70s for the Sonny and Cher show. As you can tell when I make sketches they typically have a lot going on. And when I start to actually construct the garment that’s when I start removing some unnecessary details(mostly to add new ones).

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