This figure and the colors remind me SO much of my childhood. I remember when this movie was released, and it takes me back to eating on the McDonalds plates made for promotion of this movie, and playing with my 1997 Fashion Secrets Megara doll designed by Lisa Temming. I made this figure almost as a homage to that doll I loved so dearly, designed by a legendary designer who I look up to.
This costume has a lace up closure with gold cord. When her hair is straight it goes past her knees. She has a very heavy head due to the heavy quality of the hair, and the plastisol I used which left her head very dense.
Here you can see the embroidery and fine details of this costume.
This is how she started, as all my projects I start with making the body, then working on the costume. Here you can see I had already cut sections of fabric to get started.
Here we have a fitting. At this stage you can see the dress its coming together, and the skirt pieces were being sewn and pinned into position.
Here we have a completed costume, still have yet to work on her head at this point. I was working on her background, which is hand painted poster board, with moss glued to emulate a wall of hedges.
This is a good example of what can go wrong when mixing your plastisol. Not every batch will be mixed properly, and as you can see, the head to the left shrunk and got disfigured. Whereas the head on the right(the one I used) came out of the mold perfectly. I found it important to add these progress photos because of this reason. First attempts are not perfect all the time. Sometimes you have to continue working at it to get the right/better result.
After the hair is rooted, I cut and style it. I only after will begin working on the face paint.
This was a test photo of what the figure looked like with the background. I will honestly say, I'm better making figures than backgrounds, but this is something I can continue to work on to get better.
Hercules : Megara

Here is Megara, from Hercules. As a child, I had a Megara doll, and I loved her. When I got into Designing these figures/fashion dolls, I always knew I HAD to make Megara. This figure shares the same body as my other dolls that I designed. She is about 11 inches. Her costume is made from a pleated hand dyed polyester, silk chiffon, hand dyed nylon tricot, and hand dyed satin. her dress has embroidery with glass beads. Megara has long rooted hair of saran in an auburn brown. I made all of her accessories as well, including the background shown. I really tried to stay true to the original character design of Megara, as its important to me that my designs add and not take away from the original artist who worked on their character development.

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