Fun fact, the sketch/concept for this painting was on a McDonalds napkin.
Made With Love : Mickey

I painted this back when the pulse shooting took place. I made it as a memorial for all The Walt Disney World cast members, and people, who lost their lives or lost their loved ones in that terrible mass shooting. At the time, Walt Disney World management didn't want their cast to make the heart hand gesture as it "supported the wrong propaganda". Which it was a symbol for those who lost their lives and loved ones. The gesture helped those in pain, and helped the LGBT community in a time of grief. I'm very happy that there is a new 5th key for The Walt Disney World resort, inclusion, so that this oversight will not happen again. Since then, they themselves have used the symbol on various merchandise. Shows how much growth can happen in such a short period. At the time, I was very upset by the oversight and painted this. When I look at it, I'm reminded of love and how important it is to continue to share it.

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