When I was a child, Sleeping Beauty was a favorite movie of mine. This project was a pleasure to do.
This was the first time I ever made a backdrop for any of my creations. It really helps bring them to life. The bricks are made of hot glue, on a poster board back drop. The tapestry is hand painted, with gold guild details.
She has real nylon stockings, organza bows, antique lace, and blue satin bloomers! She also has two petticoats, one made of taffeta and the other made of tule. They really help bring the skirt to life, don't they?
Her gown is sprinkled with hand dyed roses, this red rose was the biggest of them. The stem is a metal rod (painted) with cotton painted leaves, the interior is made up of a small glass bead.
Every design starts somewhere, and this figure started here. I usually make these concepts by drawing detailed sketches of the characters themselves. Which makes it kinda cool to see them be brought to life. Originally I did want her dress to be blue, as I wanted it to be the needle pricking scene to be what the figure portrayed. Eventually, I decided that a happy Aurora would be a better option.
After making the body, this is really where I begin. I always start with the costume. The costume will have to perfectly describe the character just as much as a face.
Here you can better see the hot glue bricks on the poster board I was talking about. At this moment the outfit and accessories are complete. However the head I was still making at this time.
Test shot of how the figure looks in the completed backdrop.
Here you can see her head is attached. Still no face paint, this was more for test purposes to see if I liked where the project was going.
Here you can see me working on the hair, which I remember being a chore, as this plastisol turned very hard when cured. You can see the molded details better without the face paint, which always comes last when making the figures.
Sleeping Beauty : Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I even made the backdrop. The dolls body and face are completely one of a kind. Her costume consists of nylon stockings, shoes, satin bloomers, taffeta petticoat, silk taffeta skirt, silk chiffon and pink organza overlay, with silk peplums with gold lace on top. Her bodice is a hand dyed brocade, silk sleeves, silk taffeta collar with the same gold lace as peplums. On the peplums and collar are crystals that change from blue to pink(really they are magical). She has a silk chiffon train and silk pink roses to tie it all together. The jewelry is a metal painted metallic gold. Matching earrings and ring. And a rose which is made from silk hand dyed red, formed into a rose. Her hair is a golden blonde and made of saran. This figure stands at 11 inches tall.

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