These honestly are some of my most favorite things I've ever made. Originally I was only going to make the redhead, but I kept feeling like I would need to make the Auctioneer too. Which for being my first male figure, he isn't bad.
Back view
He almost looks real to me. And I would lying if I didn't get startled by that face a few times when I glanced up and saw it. His hair is goat mohair, dyed red. His beard is rooted into his vinyl. He is filled with details, and I'm so happy I was able to create him. Because originally I was only going to make the redhead.
A close up of his boots and seam detail on his pants. Those boots stressed me out, I had never made mens anything before and in knew I needed to get it right, and I'm happy I did!
He couldn't be complete without a real leather hand braided whip. That lace is also antique. From an old garment in the early 1900s!
His costume has details galore. He has three gold chain necklaces that I made him. His jacket is fully lined with a silk lining. I had never made mens fashion before the Auctioneer, and I was very impressed by how well I did on his pieces. His costume has a long sleeve cotton shirt with ruffled collar and pearl buttons, blue cotton paints complete with real buttons, a satin brocade vest lined with cotton, a blue velvet jacket lined in silk with real pockets, three gold necklaces, goat leather belt, a metal sword and scabbard, goat leather shoes, and a hand dyed black velvet hat.
Her shoes are plastisol with goat leather tongues, hand painted to match the dress. She even has a garter to keep her stockings up, or to flash off to her potential pirate husband.
I took a lot of designing liberties on these figures. This corset has a lot of details like sewn reinforcements with embroidery lace.
This character never had a handkerchief, but I thought it was a nice touch. Check out the details in her dress and sleeves.
Hand making mens boots is something I've also never done before. They are made of goat leather.
I added this photo for two reasons. One, you can see her undergarments. Two, you can see how I molded on top of my previous mold with Milliput. I did this to make her more busty. I molded them closer together and pushed up, as to appear like her corset is doing the work.
Redhead has her head, and is about to get her face. The Auctioneer waits as he needs his hat and a few extra details for him to be complete.
Hat making progress photo. I had never made a hat before these figures, I was very proud of the outcome. Both hats are of velvet, and hand dyed to match their respecting colors.
Here you can see both figures are complete, the only thing left to do at this point was to finish the stand. Which was two wooden blocks glued together, then I molded tiles on top with Milliput(same thing I used to alter my doll body to make my previous body mold more busty). The stand was originally an orange color, but I found it too distracting from the figures, so it was changed to a stone look.
"We wants the redhead!" Pirates Of The Caribbean : Auction Scene

WE WANTS THE REDHEAD!????? After almost two months of work, my latest creations are done. They are from the original 1967 Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction in Disneyland. This is from the iconic bride auction scene, where the auctioneer pirate is selling off brides. This scene has been replaced since 2018, but I know it holds fond memories in a lot of disney fans hearts. Especially because of how fabulous the red head was! I made these figures plus the outfits and accessories. I took some liberties in designing them, as most imagineers did throughout their time. Their costumes are made from high quality fabrics such as velvet, silk, satin, antique lace, silk flowers, gold and brass beads, goat leather, and Egyptian cotton. The figures/dolls are made of milliput and plastisol. The redhead has saran hair, the auctioneer has goat mohair for hair. These figures are very posable too, and have over 15 individual accessories.

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