Bluelagoon trading logo - Bluelagoon trading logo, trading by sea or air to anyplace in the world. #shipping #air #sea #global #logo #design
SIXTEK fibre optics logo - S is designed to resemble the number 6 representing core 6 members that started the company, also to be used as the company's symbol. #fibreoptics #logo #design
Resorts World Casino Club 360 logo. Used for branding, print, signage social media and web. #club #casino #logo #design #branding #club360
Aarti picturetaker logo - personal logo design for a professional freelance photographer. Client wanted a peacock feather as the main part of the logo. Outer lens is transparent. #peacock #photographer #Lens #logo #design
Wild Orchid Bar and Lounge logo. - Logo designed for Bar and Lounge client wanted an exotic, chic and sexy look.
Upward mobility logo - a real estate holding company, for the purposes of buying and holding property for rental profit.-Client wanted a logo/ Branding demonstrating profit and real estate.
OMW Outstanding Mobile Wash - Mobile Car Wash Logo.-Client wanted his own car Incorporated onto logo shield, logo/branding should represent mobile car wash.
Dr Lee logo - Dr Lee education group logo, (student reading book)-educational group aimed towards tutoring mostly high school student's towards test preparation and academic advancement. #education #book #openbook #knowledge #teaching #logo #design
RAILS extreme sports logo - Logo for extreme sports: freestyle BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading (designed to feel like stair rails which a large majority of freestyle tricks are done on).
Fry King logo - Fry King logo designed for use as food logo inspired by delectable fry inspired dishes accompanied by meat, sauces and vegetable mixes
Zooclones logo - Logo for zoological cloning facility, focusing on extinct and endangered species.
Generation Holistics logo - Logo designed for Holistic and therapeutic healing business, which uses natural techniques and massage therapy. With focus on rejuvenation and growth of patient and their family for generations to come. (Client wanted something that demonstrated balance and growth) #holistic #healing #therapy #massage #health #natural #balance
USA Trading logo - Universal logo to be used on numerous household products made in the USA but sold overseas. Designed to loosely mimic the USA continent.
KLD Architect logo - Client wanted a corporate but edgy look.
"Chef JOE" - Personal Logo design for private Chef, specializing in Japanese and Asian cuisine. Client wanted a simplistic look while having is japanese heritage represented, Hence the combined wok and rising sun. #privatechef #personallogo #personalbranding #japanesechef #japanesecuisine #japaneseart
Museum of Television and Radio Logo.
Excel4theStreet Logo - Online learning logo focusing on skills required for job advancement #onlinelearning #onlineteaching #education #career #advancement
Up Your Equity Logo - Investing oriented logo, creating intelligent investors as opposed to gimmicky quick money scams #investinglogo #equitylogo #intelligentinvestors
LOVE YOUR SNEAKER business logo - love your sneaker logo designed to mimic sneaker laces.
TRQ Auto Components logo - Logo designed for auto component company. logo - Logo designed for a website/blog/podcast that promotes music, art , fashion and pop culture.
NBA Legends logo - Logo developed for NBA Legends or legendary hall of fame players, hook shot used as it is an "old school" move. (student work)
Ali's Allstars DJ / Soundsystem Logo #deejay #dj #djs #music #entertainment #soundsystem #soundsystems #allstars
Joey's Auto Collision and Repair logo - Auto collison logo designed to avoid the serious "mechanic" feel that most ppl are afraid off...intended to be somewhat inviting with an image of a sick car.
Zodiac calender logo - Logo designed for zodiac calendar made to have a mystical feel (handdrawn)
Brooklyn Knights Logo - Brooklyn Knights Basketball team Logo, Basketball has image of Brooklyn bridge in channels and placed on Knight shield
Artist/ Photographer "Dante" logo. Client wanted a graffiti script look.
HIJACK dance logo - Logo for alternative women dance group
TED FLYNT logotype - done for upcoming raper TED FLYNT ...designed to mimic gold jewelry/bars etc
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