Left- "Neon" typeface design, Right- Logo Examples
Dr Lee's Education Group Branding and Identity package
H.G Wells The Time Machine book cover design and Hand drawn art
Bauhaus Book cover and reception card design
VP Records Exclusive "Go for the Gold" Usain Bolt Promotional Reggae Sampler Release Package
Brooklyn Knights Basketball Team logo and Ticket stub (Brooklyn bridge and basketball concept)
Brooklyn Knights Basketball Team uniforms
Silkscreen examples - Left- Bboy stance (2 color) and Creative Heart (5 color) both on paper. Right- 3 Stooges Screen-print on T-shirt (1 color)
Left- Rails BMX dvd Package design and BMX bicycle concepts, Right- Times Square Design credit card size Foldable Pocket Map
Left- "Legends" Echoes of the Schoolyard Exclusive Functional Real Wood Basketball court Book cover design, Right- "Legends" Bob Cousy Converses sneaker box design
Left- Legends Basketball Card designs, Right- New Era Hats Protector for collectable Hats and Carrying Bag design https://www.coroflot.com/individual/edit-project?id=390489&n=y
Fish Eddys "Brooklyn Babies" Dish ware designs (hand drawn in ink)
Chinese New Year Gold High Roller Calendar (Year of the Horse)
Left- Various Signage designs, no words only imagery, Right- Chill Pill Pharmacy Identity package booklet https://www.coroflot.com/individual/edit-project?id=215647&n=y
Foldable pamphlets for monthly exclusive giveaways and games at Resorts World Casino (front and back)
Fathers Day gift card and envelope - RW Casino bus pamphlets - Monthly mailer cards giveaways for VIP members
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Physical Printed Portfolio

Printed Physical Portfolio

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Dale B
Graphic designer/ Illustrator/ Airbrush artist-professional design using every medium at... New York, NY