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This fixture would be used all throughout the store. I designed it to
allow for a variety of product to be showcased, while also leaving
room for customizable graphics and interactive zones.
For every qualifying in-store
purchase of book, movie, or
album, the customer would get
the “Press Play” card to scan on
device and get the digital
version for free
The Media Play app would keep you up to date with
events and news as well as keep track of your
purchases, find nearest Media Play location(s), and
send customers special offers and coupons.
I wanted the exterior of the building to evoke the same fun and interactive elements that would be in the store. As well as have something “eye catching”

I choose to go with a bold and edgy cutout design that would have a mixture a backlit elements and translucent plastic material.
I wanted the look of the store to really come alive at night. And really showcase the excitement of the store. With the colored elements of the facade to pop forward with illuminating light.
Room Features:
collapsable theater
seating, concession
area, projected movie
screen, drop down
room divider.
Area Features: Flexible fixtures, trending wall, album art
maker, boombox themed fixture/ album art printer.
Area features Interactive store map/ display, Interactive Media Play exclusive
fixture, checkout, book area.
For the layout of the store I wanted to keep everything
fairy simple to contrast the busyness of the media, and
events that would be ran here.
Notable Features Include:
Playhub: This would serve as the major draw of the store
as it would hold many of the concerts and other events
ran by the store.
Rentable Area: This is space that would be available for
rentals for private events. It would also function as a
screening room for the newest film/ gaming events.
15x15 areas: These would be flexible areas that could
serve as retail areas, private reading areas, or showcases
depending on event(s) being run at the time.
Area Features: Sound proof glass walls, themed stage area,
illuminating stage.
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Media Play Retail Project

This project was about reinventing a brand that is either in the process of dying off, or has already died off. I choose Media Play which was a chain of stores that closed in 2006. The very first one was built in Rockford Illinois where I am from. And they failed for several reasons but mainly did not have a big enough customer base with only 89 stores being open at their peak.

Damario Fair
Interior Designer Cleveland, OH