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'Batman Collectable Toy' - Live Project

A Company called TCT came into our university and asked us to create a collectable toy for the Batman series; something that would be popular with young audiences. Something children could enjoy collecting and using in the playground with their friends.

Therefore I came up with the concept of reinventing the game of 'Conkers' I used to play as a child, but in a much safer capacity. Using the batman characters villains & heroes face's, they were put onto sphere's fitted with a string cord and an internal accelerometer, which meant every time the 'Batman Bonker Conkers' (As I named them) collided with one another, the characters would speak out of a pin hole microphone located at the mouth. It would be scored on a point tally system - at which point the opposing character would admit defeat.

The characters would be collectable from all good toy stores. A high quality item that could resist a few hits and scrapes.

My idea was highly credited by TCT and mentioned in their presentation.

Daniel Dawkins
Design Student Bsc (Hons) at London South Bank University London, United Kingdom