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'How does your garden grow?' Live Project

In the Spring of 2014 we were approached by London South Bank University's sustainability sector, to create a rooftop garden design, for an open space they had available in their KS2 building; the largest building on campus. The intention was to create a space that would promote eco-friendly attitudes, as well as a great place to hang out during lectures and busy exam periods.

My own concept for the use of that space, was an eco-garden that promoted sustainability through its use of the four seasons. With each section of the roof dedicated to a particular time of the year, with deciduous plant life that could be found in each time of the season. Creating an all-year-round effect, where even in winter you could experience the colours of the spring & summer.

I Created info-graphics and presentation boards to put forward to the sustainability committee at the university and my idea was favoured quite highly amongst my peers and lecturers.

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Daniel Dawkins
Design Student Bsc (Hons) at London South Bank University London, United Kingdom