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Life Cycle Assessment: Packaging Project

In order to meet the brief we
had to choose a product which we
deemed ‘poorly packaged’ and
create an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment( report based on that product. We then improved on said product (In my case: A Terry’s chocolate Orange) and created a new LCA from the findings.

We dissected the packaging and weighed it individually; taking careful note for our calculations at a later stage. My new design was not only more efficient, nicknamed the 'Orb', it was made of much less material which allowed its full contents to be recycled after use. As well as being able to be stacked sideways, the 'Orb' could be carried in just as vast a quantity as any normal Terry's chocolate orange box; but without the carbon footprint.

Daniel Dawkins
Design Student Bsc (Hons) at London South Bank University London, United Kingdom