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Sustainable Bin Graphics

Using the same house style as a well known corporation - we were tasked by the sustainability team at London South Bank University to create a new foldable recycling bin which would go on display in & around the university.

My concept was for the bins to resemble popular fizzy drink brands, so as to have a consistent style and theme around the university. As the majority of recycling comes from aluminium cans, it was appropriate for them to be themed like this.

However, with an understanding of copyright laws & infringements, due to my work with my company 'Digital Underdog', its clear to see the possible companies styles that inspired the bins, may have something to say about it.

Nonetheless, it still made for a great presentation and shows that if copyright was not a fundamental issue, it could possibly work in a educational environment. Made using Adobe Indesign.

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Daniel Dawkins
Design Student Bsc (Hons) at London South Bank University London, United Kingdom