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'The Power of Aluminium' Awards Entry

In conjunction with the ALFED (Aluminium Federation) - We had to create a product using aluminium extruded pieces to feature in the 'Power of Aluminium' awards 2014. This was a live project and therefore the timeline in which to work was short. My own concept was one that served the community - around the time of the awards, Somerset, UK were experiencing high levels of flooding and I took my inspiration from these events to create a flood barrier that was capable of protecting highly populated areas and using my 'Bendy bus' like system, which allowed the barriers to bend when connected, projected the water away from residential areas. It also featured a tube which fed through the top of the hinge of the design, which was able to pump water away from highly affected areas.

My design, along with only a select few colleagues were put forward for consideration. My concept made it to the final 50 in the country - a feat which I'm proud of and took much valuable experience from.

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Daniel Dawkins
Design Student Bsc (Hons) at London South Bank University London, United Kingdom