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Women In Power - Design Museum (Live Project)

This is an on-going project: We've been tasked with looking at women over the last 100 years and pin-pointing a moment of change and what changed more specifically. I've chosen to home-in on music trends and how it may have effected the female population. Hence the two research boards - with one being compiled with information from the Design Museum, London, UK and the other being an interview with a modern-day festival goer.

The next stage of the project is to look for an 'intervention' - something that takes place at these events which invokes emotion. I've chosen to focus on queueing for these concerts and the emotions behind that, for both men & women alike.

Its now my job to create an experience for these individuals waiting in queue. Either by designing a product, an environment or system.

These boards were created using adobe illustrator and the images were taken by me at the exhibition in London.

Daniel Dawkins
Design Student Bsc (Hons) at London South Bank University London, United Kingdom