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Axon Network Campaign

It’s a fantastic thing to get a chance to launch three major products at the same time—but it’s also a messaging challenge. How do you highlight each one without overshadowing the others? When Axon launched TASER 7, Axon Body 3 and Axon Records at a major industry conference, we created a campaign that didn’t just focus on the products individually, but together. A campaign that raised up the entire Axon ecosystem of products while allowing us to hone in on what made the new products must-haves. We created a comic book as our foundation, telling the story of ION Force who, in a parallel world, used Axon-type technologies to vanquish a nefarious syndicate. Then, we extended that campaign in every way: virtual reality, print ads, digital ads, booth graphics, motion graphics, swag…even a live Officer ION super hero.

Daniel Brockley
Creative Director, Writer, Filmmaker Seattle, WA