Otherworldly Sci-fi Drama Dynamism

Drama can be conveyed using a variety of techniques and bring to life the believable realism of science fiction as visualised in gaming and cinema.

Movement can add much needed dynamism, although introducing explosive elements that add an elemental friction to the image can raise beautiful to energetic and energetic to iconic.

Framing is also important. When we want to convey hero status it is useful to bring the subject closer and even fill the frame while in conveying isolation and conflict it can be useful to present the subject limited by the confines of the environment, adding visual weight to the environment and thus propelling the viewer to the scenario of what is often only possible in our imagining and fantasy.

Striking the balance between realism and the fantastical is key to creating compelling imagery that straddles this line, delivering satisfying visual tension to a scene or moment.

Darien Davis
MidJourney Maestro Southport, United Kingdom