presentation board1 - This board depicts components and assembly methods that are easy enough for illiterate people to understand. It also shows material selections.
presentation board2 - this project was done in a group of two with my great friend Tim Ryan. i did all the visuals and he did all the requires engineering. The project goal was to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people of the world. we choose to address the issue of clean drinking water and how countries in Africa could greatly benefit from such a product.
presentation board3 - This board shows a cut away section of the product. It shows the theory and mechanics of the product and how it works.
presentation board 4 - This is a board depicting our ideas on manufacture and disptribution of our product and how we proposed it move from a design into a practical and realistic product to improve quality of life.
structual analysis board - this board was an initial board which was used in the refinement phase to determine tolerance, draft and fittings.
fea analysis board - This board was created to show potential failures and stress points in which the product may fail.
Andrew Bui
Design Engineer at CNP Brands Melbourne, Australia