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Slimdisk - Sleek and simple. Bold colours are used to add zest and life to an otherwise boring and overlooked project.
Cd Rack - Traditional cd racks are normally a structure on its own. Taking up space even when not in use. Instead, this cd rack creates a structure with the cases it holds, supporting each other. When not in use, its flat shape allows for easy storage.
Lava - Chosen design (total five) in Motorola's 75th Anniversary handphone cover design competition.
Bluesky - A system of movable touch screen panels, with the ability of images and sound, to replace walls in the future 'home'. Scribble, doodle or make notes. Do a photography slideshow for guests. Change the home's 'wallpaper' to give a different mood. Arrange the walls to give different rooms more space. Play music to fuel your creativity. The possibilities are endless.
vinyl clocks - three clocks, the hours, the minutes and the seconds
Daryl Chan
Graphic designer Singapore, Singapore