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4 cases at different price points and for different work functions: 1) basic leather Exec case, 2) Exec case w hand strap, 360 device rotation, horz+vert see-u-see-me video 3) submersible case, 4) #2 design+180 degree stand and typing stand combo, vert+horz video viewing without removing the tablet from the case
Case 1) BasicBlack leather case to be made in fashion colors for retail stores
Case 2) Executive case with Hand strap, 360 device rotation, horz+vert see-u-see-me video and typing stand. The case was designed so that interior, exterior and plastic components could all be changed in color and client company branding.
Submersible case: Tablet could be removed from case and the entire case thrown into a bucket of disinfectant. Great for sports team clients, medical, environmental work where grime and fluids need to be sanitized.
OEM B2B Cisco Cius Case Designs

Four OEM case designs, 9 months.
I was the case designer, prototype builder and project manager. I worked with a plastics engineer to develop 4 cases for Cisco Cius. I worked onsite with the plastics designer to do immediate prototyping in the shop, craft, sew and assemble SLA parts into case good layers and get samples to clients ASAP for sales meetings. We were doing parallel development with Cius design team. The dimensions on the Cius were not fixed yet and the project needed to be reverse engineered and modified three times because Cisco's design department was too worried about design leaks and hadn't yet sources sourced individual components for the tablet. We 3D scanned an SLA they sent us and reverse engineered from there. Ten prototypes,

Dash a'Ginger
Creative Direction, Product and Media Designer Washington, DC