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Pacific Life Service Award

The client needed an award to give to all the top revenue offices. Many of the offices were consistent performers and would win many awards over the course of the 20 years they wanted this program. The corporate logo is a whale and the resulting wave of the whale launching itself above the surface.

Concept: Capture the momentum of the wave into a single award that builds over time. After the office has won five awards, another award base is given to them and the awards can be stacked side by side to form a longer wave curl or split up and displayed in VP offices within the branch. Either way, the idea is that momentum builds and has a ripple effect toward the company's success.

Pictured are the early Styrofoam models and schematics made in my home studio and then prototypes and final products sourced from metal casting, acrylic modelers and glass artists in the US and Canada. The final design is frosted acrylic and pewter base with blown glass marbles etched with the award year.

Dash a'Ginger
Creative Direction, Product and Media Designer Washington, DC