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Ben Johnson, graphic design student - I started doing caricatures from june 10th 2010, an still going strong
Jared aka Dj Just Be...? - one of my very early styles...
Me, urban artist - Some cape town creatives
Andile and Mr. Fuzzy Slippers, artist from mafuta ink - Some cape town creatives
Dario Leite, a-store co-owner - Some cape town creatives
Faith 47, Urban Artist - Some cape town creatives
Andrew Berry, photographer - Some cape town creatives
Kenan Petersen, Stencil Artist - Caricatures...
Paul Senyol, Artist - Caricatures...
Bruce Mackay, Artist - Caricatures by Dav Andrew
Toby Murphy, Photographer - Caricatures by Dav Andrew
Danielle Clough, Art Direction Student - Caricatures by Dav Andrew
7de Laan (Neville character) - Caricatures
Faith 47 facial study - Caricatures
Vida ! - Caricatures by dav andrew
Milia Koury , Lecturer - Caricatures by dav andrew
Marcii goose, Designer and Art Director - 'yii gotta love marcii'
Lauren Fowler, Illustrator and Designer - Had fun with this one
Simon berndt, illustrator - One horse town
Julian Naidoo, Radio Personality - Caricatures by Dav andrew
Chad Saaiman, Singer - Caricatures by Dav andrew
Donna Johnson, designer - Caricatures by Dav Andrew
Natheefah Maroof, illustrator - Caricatures by Dav Andrew
Dario Leite, second attempt - Caricatures by Dav Andrew 2011

Cape Town Creatives
Nathier Fredericks, Designer - Caricatures by Dav Andrew 2011

Cape Town Creatives
Mark chippy - Caricatures by dav andrew 2011

such a rad dude to illustrate...
I wonder if... Ive actually met him before..
Jordan Metcalf, Illustrator and Designer - Caricatures by dav andrew
Jordan Eardley, Illustrator and Designer - Caricature by Dav Andrew 2011
Andrew 'Hare' Peterson, Illustrator - caricatures by dav andrew 2011
Manuela Gray caricature - caricatures by dav andrew
Cape Town Creatives
Dav Andrew
Illustrator and Urban Artist Cape Town, South Africa