The Electric Muhammad
Temptations/Exposure Personal Project
...the abyss looks back
Controversial Matters Logo
Linger Personal Project
The Cowboy & The Bureaucrat
Teen Kidnapping Industry Commissioned Illustration
The Stand
The Gunslingers
Electric Buddha
The Fade
Mornings Illustration
Voyeur Illustration
The Weird Case of the Cuban in Armenia Illustration
Freelancing Illustration
Sexual Predator Illustration
Fashion 2017 Illustration
Jailed Criminal Authorities Illustration
Trump Tower in Azerbaijan Illustration
Corruption/Voter Fraud Illustration
Sex Sells Illustration
To Be Continued Illustration/Poster
RED APE: Thumbs Up Sticker Pack Character Design
Apps to Communicate in Foreign Languages Illustration
Depression Illustration
Trump on Sweden Illustration
RED APE: Rockstar Sticker Pack Character Design
Armenians in International Sports Collage/Poster
Karen Karapetyan's Checklist Illustration
Melancholiac Illustration
Relationships Illustration
Totalitarian Pornography Illustration
Deadlines Illustration
Masturbation Illustration
Davos Summit Illustration
Prostitution in Ancient Greece Illustration
Fembots Illustration
John Baldessari
The Age of Buzz/Why I Prefer Reading Illustration
Feminism Illustration
Photo Contest Poster/Banner
Facebook Protests Illustration
Roy Lichtenstein Illustration/Portrait
The Different Kinds of Yerevan Dwellers Illustration
Weekly Music Collection Poster/Illustration
Azerbaijani Oil Illustration
Model 1
Death in Sports Illustration
Model 2
Prisoners of War Illustration
Berlinale Poster/Newmag
Model 3
Films about Photography Illustration/Collage
Illustration, Design, Art

A collection of my latest works.

David Partamyan
Artist/Graphic Designer Yerevan, Armenia