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Miss India World Crown 2004, designed for Tanishq - Inspired by the Sea this crown personifies the essence of this Title. Water, which comprises 75 % of the World, is the Elixir of Life that supports all Life in its varied forms and manifestations. The Crown takes inspiration from this very element, the Seas, its Dynamic waves full of energy and life. The gradation of blue stones adds drama to the crown, which in emulating the waves adopts a curvaceous and dynamic form. These stones also add that depth and mystery element to the Crown, representing the vastness of the sea and its power and mysterious Dynamism. The Crown is made of White Gold and is studded with 2000 precious crystals and diamonds. The centrally positioned Blue drop or the "Mangtika" adds the Indian touch to the Crown A true masterpiece in itself, this crown is an Ode to the Inner Beauty and Strength of the winner.
Dew Drop Collection, Designed for Tanishq - Inspired by the beauty of a dew drop, this collection aimed at a product for gifting that could integrate low prices with exquisite yet simple beauty, in one piece. Like the drop of dew that looks far more precious than all else, the pieces in this collection also emulate the same exquisite beauty of the morning dew.
MECHANIXCollection, designed for Tanishq - The "MECHANIX" collection of men's rings is aimed at the young, modern man who is a perfect blend of raw Masculine appeal and suave style. Inspired by a Mechanical look, each of the rings stands out, as unique expressions that highlight various elements of design like Nuts and Bolts, Twisted wire, Grooves, and Textures. Wrought in Yellow and White gold in 18 K these rings are sure to usher in a new Era of Design in Men's Jewelry.
The Dust Beauty - This Design of mine was selected as a part of the Indian collection under the "Diamonds Natures Miracle International design Contest, 2004", held by DTC. The Piece was Sponsored By Tanishq. ------THE DUST BEAUTY------- Genesis: Deep down where the Earth spits out hot molten lava, where sheer pressure crushes everything to dust, where every activity stems from an act of destruction, lies a woman’s deepest fantasy – The Diamond. That a most delicate and seductive beauty is formed from such disruption is what inspired me to create “The Dust Beauty” - my ode to a woman’s best friend. Exodus: Like a volcano that churns out fire creating the most fertile of plains, “The Dust Beauty” opens with a highly intense cracked pattern culminating into a burst of brilliantly cut diamonds. Capturing the duality of Earth’s temperament in my piece are the two layers of white gold and pave stone area. The plain gold, like the serene earth’s surface, is smooth and represents its calmness; the pave stone area represents the intense earth’s core and wherein lies the possibility of a diamond being born. The cracks open up in the centre to reveal a sparkling array of cut diamonds, a testament to the fact that only a small percent gets converted into an exquisite diamond. “The Dust Beauty” – made in 18K white gold and set with approximately 4000 diamonds, is a masterpiece in terms of craftsmanship. Hundreds of small cracked units are painstakingly linked together to arrive at the final form. Then each unit is pave set with diamonds to bring out a truly dazzling effect. The finished piece is even a reminiscent of the shoulder piece worn by Cleopatra! Revelation: From destruction to creation . . . From an unrefined state to a sophisticated form . . . From dust to a sign of royalty . . . Presenting “The Dust Beauty”, a beauty that will adorn another!
Debashish Mishra
challenge existing personal and professional boundaries New Delhi, India