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Ferrari CascoRosso

Ferrari CascoRosso, two seater commercial car which is inspired from the models of Ferrari Motor Sport as they developed through history. It is a symbiotic of style from the modern Ferrari bolides and the legendary Ferrari classics. One of those classics is the Ferrari 250 GTO from witch I got the main inspiration for this model. The idea was for the CascoRosso to be reincarnation of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, modern, futuristic version of it. I imagined the model as a successor of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with front engine, but also as hybrid with battery placement behind the cabin which enables better distribution of the weight. Instead of wing-mirror the model has two cameras with wide focus range generating one picture on the camera display showing side view mirror picture and rear view mirror picture. Front lights are hidden behind shutter which open automatically when the light are turned on...