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Maserati Alfiera Race car.
Audi, hmmmmm 125% scale??
My Delorean, Vin 1458 First Shipment from Dunmurry, Northern Ireland to the U.S.
BMW door handle.
BMW X5 Headlight.
BMW 5 series.
BMW M4 10 weeks.
Nissan 370Z 4 weeks.
Mclaren. 4 weeks
Tyrrell P34
24hour Donkervoort - Delorean inspired
24 hour Sketch model of Motor Trend- Roadkills' General Mayhem. '68 Dodge Charger with a Motorhome Engine.
36 hour Sketch model /Lancia Concept
18 Hour Sketch model Subaru XT Alcyone
Maserati Gran Turismo. 4 weeks.
Jaguar I Pace. Theory
24hour model Nissan Cube.
Skoda Octavia RS Volume model
Skoda Le mans
Tesla Model X 48 hours
Bombardier Aventura Class 345.
Elizabeth Line.
Transport for London.
Alias Sketch/Concept models (Permitted)

Alias Sketch Models during down time. Old timer to Concept.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Jamie Flanagan
Automotive 3d concept modeler, designer and illustrator. London, England