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SHIFT 2011 Strike Pant and Jersey - The Strike product line was the "meat" of the SHIFT motocross line, positioned between the High end "Faction" and The Entry Level "Assault". As the mid-price bread and butter, this product line needed to appeal to a broad customer base, and did so successfully with excellent features for the price and a range of graphic print and color options, from a safe and subdued Black/Grey camo, to a bold orange/yellow contrasting with black and white.
Motocross Performance Apparel and Protection

This is a collection Of Motocross apparel products designed and produced while I worked for SHIFT Racing (now known as. SHIFTMX), at the time a wholly owned subsidiary of FOX Racing/FOXhead inc.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Ryan Henry
Senior Performance Apparel/Soft Goods Innovator | Designer | Leader Portland, OR