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This project was briefed and. was alomost complete when I left FOX for NIke, and never ended. up being completed and going. to market once. I departed the brand
Rogers Poron foam was. to be used, and we had made an arrangement with them to create our own mold design and have exclusivity for 1yr, after which it would be an open mold. The padding was designed for maximum mobility and protection
This collection was a primarily graphic collaboration for the GIANT/FOX riding team, using existing product and a combination of modified exsisting graphics and new graphics to create a unique language that tied into the FOX bike product line.
One of the first downhill specific pants to come out, this pant (and matching glove) paired motocross materials and protection with lightweight mobility that made it ideal for downhill MTB riders/racers.
Mountain Bike Protection and Apparel

Collection of soft goods product Design from My time in Fox Mountain bike design.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Ryan Henry
Senior Performance Apparel/Soft Goods Innovator | Designer | Leader Portland, OR