Kono Smart Thermostat

The Kono Smart Thermostat was designed for Lux Products, based in Philadelphia, to revamp their 100-year-old brand and to give consumers an affordable, Wi-Fi connected and sexy new design to choose over Nest and Ecobee. Operating Kono is simple, one knob to control the temperature. This greatly reduces the confusion many people experience when interacting with typical multi-button thermostats. To enhance the readability of what is important to the user and to stand out from other boring segmented thermostats, the custom designed segmented display gives the thermostat a modern and sleek look without the costly color touchscreen, which avoids the smudgy fingerprints too. Another unique feature of Kono is the customization of its color to match your room. Users can choose to purchase additional faceplates, which snap on, to either blend the thermostat into their room or show it off like a piece of modern art.

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Devin Sidell
Freelance Industrial Designer Philadelphia, PA