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Perspective practice 1
Perspective practice 2
Perspective practice 3
Teapot Ideation 1
Tape Dispenser
Pencil Sharpener
Master Lock (minus the lock)
Kaneda's powerbike
Kaneda's powerbike (focus)
SUV marker practice
Teapot ideation 2 and 3
goggle practice
hand studies
hand studies 2
KDT M-21
Various KDT cars
Perspective Practice...
hand drills
concept art
KDT A-10
KDT A-11
KDT A-12
KDT A-13
Light Studies1
Light Studies 2
Kaneda's Bike revisited
Reproducing Doug Chiang's "Monopod"
Thumbnail Sketch - Indigo Blue Verithin
Marker Sketch - Copic Gray T3
jet skimmer
Tone effect
Chainsaw Render
Chainsaw, Knife, Widget
Mecha w/ french grays
Car render 2
knife render
Van Render
Truck Render
Chainsaw Render 3
Chainsaw Render 4
Website Header
80's Girl Marker
80's Girl Color
Kaneda from Akira
Speed 1
Speed 2
Jacket Line Drawing
Jacket Rendered 1
Jacket Rendered 2
KDT Auto Line Drawing
KDT Auto Rendered
Chair Line Drawing
Chair Rendered
Dremel Stylus Line Drawing
Dremel Stylus Rendered I
Dremel Stylus Rendered II
Dremel Stylus Rendered III
Falling Back Line Drawing
Falling Back Rendered 1
Falling Back Rendered 2
Hand Sander Line Drawing
Hand Sander Rendered
Micron Line Drawing
Micron Rendered
Knife Line Drawings
Knife Renderings
Practice Renders
KDT Auto 2
KDT Auto 3
KDT Auto 4
Car and Motorcycle Practice
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Sketches 2008
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Konstantinos Tsiopanos
Innovation Design Lead New York, NY