Seat Design
project sketches for storyboard - ----
crazy front end
Corvette concept
BMW Sports concept
Jeep Sports concept
BMW Supercar concept
Jeep and BMW sketches
Midnight sketching...
Car sketches and interior - you can view the original on my blog:
Class Notes - Human Factors; Child Development Section
Class Notes - Materials and Processes
sketchin' some cars - the usual
a bunch of cars
practice - messing around with contour lines and visualizing airflow
hand/object interaction sketches
Muddy - A marker rendering of a car with the intent of practicing marker technique.
Sketches 2009
Sketches 2009
car sketches with an interior sketch - practicing visual communication of car/interior designs ideas in the hope of one day working for a car design studio :)
Intimidating idea - this was styled to invoke an intimidating feeling when seeing one on the road. -- went overboard with the vents.
MP3 Players
Thumb Drives
scary bmw - the grill is clearly too deep which gives it an under bite sort of look which I have grown to like.
Box Cutter Render - We were given a sketch in class and were told to render it in photoshop using paths. The design is not mine-- I only did the render.
Sketches and Renders 2009
Konstantinos Tsiopanos
Innovation Design Lead New York, NY