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Oil on MDF Board
Oil on MDF Board
Oil on MDF Board
Oil on MDF Board
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Editorial Illustrations / Deterioration of the Body

This series of editorial illustrations explores the realm of emotional damage and/or emotional scars. In creating these pieces my focus was to express how we might see internal pain if it was as apparent as surface material. I used models with real stories to help direct my choice of material.
The first model was going through a break up. It was a shock to her emotionally and left her feeling "frozen". To represent her emotional state I painted her as ice. As ice the viewer can instantly recognize her tense stunned emotional state.
My second piece the model was in a state of grief and constant sadness. Because tears of grief can often make one feel emotionally weak, I related her emotions to metal. I choice metal because when it is exposed to too much water it will rust and break, similar to grief.
Due to limited characters, contact dmonaco23@gmail.com to hear all four stories.

Danielle Monaco
Designer, Illustrator, and Fine Artist New York, NY