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A selection of player street banners that were displayed on the streets surrounding the stadium.
Examples of bus shelter and street banner graphics that went up in Arizona to promote the 2019 Spring Training games.
The packaging for the Ducks Night bobblehead, I wanted it to feel like Trout was in the penalty box.
A Halloween (Halo-Ween) motion graphic for social. I drew the baseball jack-o-lanterns in Photoshop and made the graphic in After Effects.
Another Halo-Ween graphic that was posted on social leading up to Halloween.
This motion graphic is promoting a ticket offer. It ran periodically during a home game.
This motion graphic is promoting 70s Weekend, one of the themed weekends during the season.
This motion graphic is a bumper for Star Wars Night, used between innings or during any downtime when there isn't live footage being shown. BB-8 was provided by Lucas Films, the audio and other graphics were made/pulled from online.
This motion graphic is promoting Ducks Night Merchandise. I also designed the jersey and hat to play off the Ducks jerseys.
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Angels Baseball - 2019 Creative

Here are a few pieces I selected from the 2019 baseball season.

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Dominic Mitrano
Anaheim, CA