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Dishwasher Filter System (Patents US7972447, 20090126465, 20090090400, 20080283094, WO2008014378A2)

Electrolux World Dishwasher Project

Worked with German Engineers designing a new stainless dishwasher for both the US and European Markets

I was responsible for the Design and Engineering of all hydraulic components: Pump/Impeller, Drain Pump, Drain Valve, Water Valve, Heater, Inline Heater, Dispenser, Fan, Lower, middle, and Upper Spray Arm, Sump, Seals, Delivery Tube, Manifold, Glass Trap, Control Valve, Heat Shields, Stainless Filter, Sump Filter, Fine Filter, Turbidity/Temperature/Leak Detection Sensors, etc.

I hold many patents for Dishwasher related designs, and have many more designs that have yet to be patented related to Dishwashers and Refrigerators that I am now able to pursue and no longer under a non-compete agreement with Electrolux.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Doug Nagel
Senior Product Development Engineer, Innovator & Strategist Huntsville, AL