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Rotor-craft Anti-Pushover Control System

Auto-rotating rotor-craft have had an operation control hazard referred to as "Push-Over" where the free-spinning rotor attacking surface dips below the forward air flow, stopping auto-rotation and loss of control, usually resulting in death of the pilot. Prior Art attempted to counter this occurrence by keeping the center-line of thrust below the center of gravity of the rotor-craft . Crashes have still occurred due to the dynamic changes of rotor tips and CG flight of the aircraft. My design incorporates sensing means in dynamic flight with limiter control stops to prevent the operator of the aircraft from positioning the aircraft in a push-over position. This will open up the designs of rotor-craft to be more aerodynamic and much safer. This device can be added to older rotor-craft designs that were previously discontinued due to push-over issues.

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Doug Nagel
Senior Product Development Engineer, Innovator & Strategist Huntsville, AL