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Animated 3D PDF of assembly process pressure switch project. 3D model is able to be rotated within the animation to key in on specific areas to view.
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Swivel Actuating Pressure Switch (Patents US9818563, US20170025237)

Updated Prior Patented Switch Design for increased accuracy and new Patent Claims.
Re-Engineered and modeled using OnShape.

Extreme Low Cost Pressure Switch created while working for Engineered Products - FilterMinder.

Utility Patent Granted:

I designed this switch under strict design constraints with material cost targets under $1.25US (including metal fitting). Target application was for use as a brake switch to replace competitor switch with contact issues. (Daimler)

Initial Target Specs:
Metal Mounting Fitting Interface
Assembly with common socket
Operating Pressure: ~20-80 PSI
System Pressure Max.: 1000 PSI+
Switch Configuration: NC or NO (with no part changes)
Current Rating: 15 Amps+
Life Cycles: 1 Million+
IP Rating: IP67+ (HP wash/Dust infiltration)
Connector: Packard
Min. Response Time, 1sec.
Not susceptible to pressure pulses, micro-arcing, switch dither, etc.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Doug Nagel
Senior Product Development Engineer, Innovator & Strategist Huntsville, AL