The objective of this project was to design a high end media sever for the home which will coincide, interact and be will located in a living room setting. The media sever will not be that of your typical PC tower but rather fit-in and blend with the surrounding environment. The personas chosen for the Streamer was a husband and wife living in a spacious San Francisco Loft. Both are successful enough to own the loft they live in and have spare change for hobbies. They like to take weekend vacations around California to escape from the fast paced life of working in the city.

Sand Casted Aluminum is a unique and new approach for a media sever. Taking design cues from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s transportation design, the streamer resurrects casting and applies it to a completely new realm of product. After casted, the casing would then either be polished or left with natural casted texture.

Douglas Schaller
Silicon Valley Based Industrial Design San Carlos, CA