First prototypes. After modeling the part in Solidworks I 3D printed it to test fit and function. Next I cast the part out of zinc to test its ability to reduce vibration of the blender. The final part was a first article from a vendor.
Initial cast design was changed to stacked and welded steel for cost savings.
Final assembly. 85% reduction in vibration and sound output cut by 8 dB.
Blendtec DS 725

Create solution to reduce vibration by 50% and cut sound output by at least 5 dB with minimal impact on assembly and manufacture costs.
• Reduced unwanted vibration by 85%
• Cut sound output by 8 dB
• One tool change and one additional fixture
• Collaborated with Manufacturing Engineers, assembly line personnel
• Currently used in two Blendtec retail models

Freelance, Full-time
Downing Van...
Mechanical Engineer Provo, UT