Motor assembly to be tested. This new motor is slated to be installed across the entire product line, reducing cost, increasing performance and reducing manufacture and assembly time.
One of the testing procedures that allowed me to test the variable while cutting assembly and set up time by 80%.
One of the performance specs I tested was temperature performance. I created testing procedures that reduced set up time by 80%.
I also tested motor torque and speed performance. We compared our motor with motors we were previously purchasing from vendor to verify we could meet or exceed performance.
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Drop In Motor: Testing and Validation

Create testing procedures for new motor design. Validate temperature performance, temperature sensing performance, durability, and lifecycle.

•Developed new testing procedures that drastically reduced test set up and run time, increasing data collection while reducing time.
• Performed over 200 performance tests
• Created and documented benchmark performance results for use in future testing.
• Managed testing schedule to meet
revision deadlines
• Motor is currently being implemented across all Blendtec retail products.

Freelance, Full-time
Downing Van...
Mechanical Engineer Provo, UT