Prototyping always starts with a series of sketches to help me understand the problem and explore possible solutions.
The first parts of the prototype assembly. I modeled the two plastic parts in Solidworks and had them CNC'd. They locate the stator and rotor to ensure concentricity.
Partial assembly with base, stator, and rotor.
Assembly with interface for drive shaft and mixing bowl.
Full working assembly. I then performed temperature and torque tests to validate idea.
Mega Mixer

Rapid prototyping, 3D modelling, Testing and validation.

Create a prototype to test and validate a new kitchen mixer design that would provide the most torque with the smallest footprint
• Created sketches, sourced materials, built prototype within given timeframe
• Modelled parts using Solidworks, manufactured using CNC, manual mill, lathe, and 3D printing
• Validated design with torque, max load,
temperature and sound testing
• Successfully kneaded 13 lbs of bread dough
• Collaborated with Head of Engineering, Mechanical Engineer and lab technician

Freelance, Full-time
Downing Van...
Mechanical Engineer Provo, UT