Solidworks model of motor-jar interface. The chamfered corners allow the blender to accept standard Blendtec jars, while being the only interface that works with Nitro system.
Reverse side
Before sending part files to mold makers, a draft analysis must be performed to determine if the part can be molded.
Thickness analysis identifies thin sections that could be weak spots in the part, or thick sections that cause sinks and other aesthetic imperfections.
Initial injection molded samples. I then performed a First Article Inspection to verify the mold and process.
Nitro Blending System

Create new motor & jar interface that can accept old jars as well as accommodate new Nitro blending system. Release part to production.
• Created new part in Solidworks
• Performed draft, thickness analyses to verify ability to mold
• Collaborated with Engineering, Production, Manufacturing and Sourcing personnel during design, testing, and pilot builds
• Stealth NBS launched Dec 2016.

Freelance, Full-time
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Mechanical Engineer Provo, UT