This is a component for a frozen drink dispenser. The product passes through this chamber and is blended up for a smoother texture. The geometry didn't allow the product to flow efficiently. I was tasked with redesigning it to improve flow and blending.
Solidworks model of new solution. Through-teeth allow for increased flow while still blending product. Filling in some of the cavity reduced product buildup and facilitated better flow.
Prototype for testing to validate design. Filled cavity with epoxy, used Dremel to expose teeth. Prototype increased flow while maintaining frozen drink consistency. Mold changes were made and new part released to production.
Real Smooth Dispensing

Customers were having trouble quickly finding the right beverage consistency that would easily dispense. We needed a solution that would widen the range of product so the consumer could spend less time adjusting the consistency of product.

Constraints: maintaining same electrical current draw, avoiding drastically increasing flow rate, changes must be tool safe.

Solution: increasing hole diameter, cutting teeth through the part and reducing internal volume.

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