Deconstructing the shoe helped me better understand common footwear manufacturing techniques.
Completely deconstructed shoe laid out to make a new pattern.
Upper pieces cut out and ready to sew. I selected black and gray leathers to compliment the baby blue outsole. I used textured leather and underlaid components to add aesthetic interest to the shoe.
Sewed halves of the uppers ready to be put together.
Complete uppers ready for lasting.
While the original shoes were slip-lasted in the factory, we learned how to last a shoe using tradition cobbling techniques.
Lasted shoes ready for cupsoles.
Stitching the cupsole to the upper.
Sneaker Decon/Recon with The Shoe Surgeon

Deconstruction / Reconstruction class given by The Shoe Surgeon in downtown L.A. Deconstructed shoe, created new pattern and hand crafted new pair of sneakers in 5 days.
• Learned manufacturing techniques through deconstruction
• Created new pattern for sneaker rebuild
• Learned about types of leather, material selection, construction
• Sewed uppers using flatbed and postbed machines
• Used traditional cobbler techniques to last uppers
• Manually stitched soles to uppers to complete shoe

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