After making a pattern I traced it onto the EPS and then shaped it by hand.
After in depth research of fiberglass weights, epoxy types and glassing schedules, I decided on the best combination for a wakesurfing application. Here is the final fiberglass layer and application of ricepaper graphic made in Illustrator.
Installing fin plugs.
All smiles on the first ride. If I were to do it again I would sharpen the rails (edges) to increase control and responsiveness, as well as reduce the rocker to make it ride faster.
Wake Surfboard

Learn the science and process of composites manufacture and gain hands on experience. Create a useable artifact in one month and with a max budget of $100.
• Researched shape characteristics of surfboards
• Selected shape variables to maximize control on boat wake.
• Hand shaped EPS core, applied fiberglass with custom glass schedule.
• Installed fins, grip pad

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Mechanical Engineer Provo, UT