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Robin's heart - The concept of ‘convenient design is good design’ is all wrong. We are now in the age where we design inconvenience that is permissible for environment preservation. Can we, by provoking hidden human sensibility and keeing physical constraints associated with amusement at the same time, can make him work for sustainable life? An arrow cutting piercing the heart represents co-existance of pain and endearmen— the value of substance inside as priceless as life itself.
Re:fill orderbell - Sometimes, ordering at a restaurant makes you wait for a quite long time until an attendant come to your table to take your order. It indicates the most frequently ordered items through the colors of the light according to frequency of each item such as order, water, bill .
If you turn empty bottles upside down on it, the bottles become filled with light.
The empty bottles are assigned a new role as lights.
ne/4 Media Center for Healing
Temtation - Martini Glass for Party
avenue 8th - I Designed for a near of smile.
Table wear for ICE brake & happy dinner.

Spice bottle ( Glass & White Ceramic)
Mood lighting ( PVC in LED
Stainless Steel with touch sensor
Embrace_01 - I gaze in to a her stressed face.
and, I want to give her a near of smile.
and a kind of Metaphor like - embrace.
CAS > body fat analyzer 1
CAS > body fat analyzer 2
samsung Yepp > Skin competition
Brits > 5.1 ch speaker
Red knot > Cosmetic Bottle
Cafri beer > Black code
Ample tree > Entia competition 2007
do yeop. K > Product works
do yeop. K > Product works
do yeop.K > product works
do yeop.K > product works
do yeop.K > product works
do yeop.K > product works
Home MEdia Center for family
Home Media center for family
Air purifire
Home Media Center
Home Media Center
Light Cell chair
Organic Form Factor Study 1
Digital Camera for Metrosexual - Looks like a Black Diamond
shakingMouse_for_recharging - Using our moving Energy to keep fit and go green
recharging the sotrage batteries and ourselves.

Inetractive exercise and fun + recharging

As recyclable energy becomes a part of our lives, the potential of recycling out own moving energy
naturally leads to the major question of how it can be made to feel enjoyable and also necessary.
recharging in and of itself is not as important as having users see the reason behind it and recognize that
creation recuclable can also be meaningful and enjoyable.
easis_table - system furniture for electronic goods environment.

the introduction of batteries has brought us the portable IT products and thus, the freedom of time and space.
for some time while being charges, however, the numerous portable stuffs become very limited on the chagers.

Now it doesn't have to happen that our portable stuffs have the limitation for being chaged. when you come home , you can
charge them only by placing thme on the table, and they are connected to network, too As travelers traveling in a desert seek,
for the Oasis, take a rest, and get conneted to others, out IT products on the Easis can always be charged, and conneted to PC

While the IT devices are placed on the designated spot, they are charged with electromagnetic induction wireless charging system
whitch is installed in the table plate, and you can back up the devices to your PC automatically by bluetooth system.
This is the Network HUB firniture for the 21C IT device.
Fairly tale - multitap
Sympathy water tap
Land Snail - Cloth hanger
Luminati - recycled lighting
balloon desksystem
carat cellphone
Kim do yeop
Do yeop. K seoul, NY