Mood Lamp for large LED candle. Many patterns available.
Deep Engraved Presentation Box
Engraved Keepsake Box in Walnut
Mahogany "Teabox"
An elegant way to have small packages of tea or sugars or similar available.
Belt Buckle in Walnut
Flower Floating on Water

Zen Design with Ripples Going Out from a Water Drop
Greenman Teabox
Mood Light in "Seaglass" Acrylic
One of hundreds of similar designs with different patterns
Crosshatch "woven" Mood Light for LED Candle
"Woven" Mood Light in Zebrawood
Knotwork Mood light in Cherry Wood
Bent Wood Mood Lamp
Butterfly Design Mood Light
A different design approach that can use any of hundreds of screen designs,
Gothic Window Mood Lamp
Wall Sconce or Shelf Mood Light
Tissue Box with Oak Leaf Design
"Cookie Box" with Oak Leaf Design
Scent Bottle Display
Fourteen Varieties Times Six Bottles per Type
Knotwork Spice Shelf
3d Relief Depth Engraved Dragons Pendant
3D depth engravedLion Pendant or Decoration
3D Relief Engraved Small Box with Sliding Top
Dragons Treasure

Laser-assisted design of gifts decorations and displays from concept to final product.

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Robert Danforth
Deep Designer Temple Terrace, FL